Complete English Package

New Batch – 2nd April

The course will thoroughly cover:-

  1. Grammar (more than 3000 rules/concepts through practice)
  2. Comprehension + Vocab (The Hindu Editorial)
  3. Practice
  4. Presentation
  5. Essay and Letter Writing



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The Hindu Editorial Comprehension Class

This course is designed to improve reading and vocab. We take articles of important issues that are being discussed in the world and are also useful for various government exams (RBI, SBI, SSC, IBPS). 40 classes are enough to master comprehension part. We provide plenty of exercises at the end of the sheet to practice for better results. These questions are prepared from that day’s comprehension article itself.

No new batch for this program. Students can join anytime for 40 days.

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SSC & Bank Practice Class

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How to learn English? What experts say !!!



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